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Gianluca Pivato posted on October 15, 2009 10:43

Finally, I found some time to write this blog about our first Worldwide Porting Partners Conference!

A couple of weeks ago we met for two days in Frankfurt with all our partners. We had attendees from Australia, United Kingdom, Brasil, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and United States.

For two days Ice Tea Group presented a new incredible technology that will allow migrated Gupta applications to benefit from state-of-the-art Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and to become Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using AJAX and Silverlight technologies.

We explored in details how porting to .NET has grown into a solid enterprise-grade solution that is much more than "just" changing the Gupta code to C# or VB.NET. It's about evolving to a new technology, it's a quality jump that cannot be done without shedding the old Gupta "shell".




Porting to .NET using our technology means having options. Having options is a fundamental strategy for all businesses of all kinds. Options allow organizations to evolve in order to survive and thrive.

But what are these options that we provide? Just to briefly name a few:

Service Oriented Architecture

Using the PPJ Services migrated applications can execute reports on a server using any of the supported reporting engines (Crystal Reports, Reporting Services, List & Labels).

Remote, click-once and Browser Applications (XBAP) can access the database through a high availability web service running in the safety of a Windows Communication Foundation (WFC) server or IIS.

Multi-tier systems can consume ported business logic objects managed by a PPJ Services object server running anywhere.

Rich Internet Applications

Using ground-breaking technology, ported Gupta applications are cleanly split into a extra-thin visual layer and a server-optimized business and visual logic layer. The visual-rendering layer supports both AJAX and Silverlight!

Cloud Computing

All services are optimized to work in a cloud-computing environment. Network bandwith and CPU usage are optimized. Military-grade security is built-in. Resources are ready to be load-balanced and relocated using several industry-standard technologies.

These are all options and are all optional. It means that when an organization decides to Join the Evolution and migrate to .NET with us they don't have to adopt all these technologies. They can do it at any time and can pick and chose what makes sense to them.

With us the migration to .NET takes place only once. After that the evolution starts.

With Team Developer 6.0 the porting process starts every time you compile for .NET and everytime you change the code in SAL. But this is a topic for a different blog...

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