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Gianluca Pivato posted on October 25, 2009 10:00

Gupta developers that migrated to .NET are ready for Windows 7 new features. This is one of the many benefits of migrating. You don't have to wait for us, or for Unify/Gupta, to catch up with Microsoft.

Once you are on a .NET C# or VB.NET and Visual Studio you can immediately use any .NET extension and library as they are made available by anyone. There is no other way of doing this.

Integration with the new Taskbar is only one of the many new features available in Windows 7 that are immediately and reliably available to .NET developers.

You can find an informative blog about integration with W7 here:


And you can find the full W7 integration managed libraries here:


Be aware that Microsoft has been adding integration libraries using the new Class Extension feature of .NET 3.5.

If you are still convinced that sticking it out with an obsolete technology is the way to go, please attend one of our personal webinars and have an open technical and business oriented session with us. In the worst case we both learn something.

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