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Gianluca Pivato posted on January 28, 2011 09:28

We are working hard on extending our PPJ Framework to evolve migrated SAL/Team Developer applications on the Cloud and on the Web.

Applications that have been migrated to Real .NET using our solution will be able to:

1) Deploy as Smart Clients and take full advantage of Cloud environments.

2) Become Rich Internet Applications based on Web 2.0 and run in most OS and browsers.

In this blog entry we will focus on the Rich Internet Application option (PPJ Web) and give you a preview of what's possible for developers that have “Joined the Evolution” and finally left SAL behind for a real C#/VB.NET platform.

Put your 3D glasses on. What you are about to see is absolutely amazing!

Click on the images to enlarge the screen shot and enjoy the view, then dream of being able to do the same with your Team Developer applications.

Just to make sure we have explained it correctly. We are presenting a true DHTML/Ajax application running entirely on the server and being used by any browser (Explorer, Firefox, Google, Opera, Safari) on different Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Chrome).


Unify Team Developer Application

This is a simple and common SAL/Team Developer application. Shows a toolbar, tab control, tree control, table window, and other standard Windows controls.


Dream 1: Web Application Using Gmail Theme!

This is the same Unify Team Developer Application shown above ported to Real .NET and Real C# using The Porting Project and deployed as a Real Web Application based on Web 2.0, DHTML/Ajax.


Dream 2: Web Application With Multiple Forms Using Facebook Theme!

Another Team Developer Application migrated to a Real Web Application showing multiple forms in the same workspace. Just amazing...


Dream 3: Web Application With MDI Interface!

This is Google Chrome running a ported Team Developer application showing a standard MDI interface with MDI child forms.


Dream 4: Web Application with Tabbed MDI Interface Using Analytics Theme!

This is a traditional MDI Team Developer application converted to Real .NET and running in Google Chrome. The MDI interface is now shown as modern tab pages.


Like what you see? Contact us to arrange for a webinar and demo of our migration technology.

The only way to migrate your SAL/Team Developer applications to Real .NET and to Cloud or Web environments is The Porting Project. Nothing else even comes close.

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