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Thomas Althammer posted on March 15, 2011 17:11

Picking the right reporting engine is at least as difficult as finding the right programming language for a project. We have converted thousands of Gupta/Centura and Unify Report Builder reports to SAP's Crystal Reports, combit's List & Label, as well as Microsoft's Reporting Services already, so why yet another reporting platform?

Each of the products has it strengths and, to be honest with you, I was quite sceptical in the beginning when I first heard about Stimulsoft. A company located in Russia and Belarus that I had never come across before. I thought life was easy "just" having to know Crystal Reports, List & Labels, and Reporting Services plus few more Java options. Nevertheless, I gave it a try and downloaded the demo version.

Stimulsoft WPF Report Designer

The product is really powerful and it is a very mature reporting environment combining many good concepts into one product. It is much more powerful than Crystal Reports and comes with a royalty-free integrated designer, it is more inexpensive than List & Label and is by far more flexible, and compared to Reporting Services it is more complete and flexible.

But the most important part, it is platform independent in a entirely new context. The following technologies and platforms are available and supported by the product:

  Designer Viewer
WinForms x x
Silverlight x x
WPF x x
Web (AJAX)   x
Adobe Flash/Flex/PHP x x

This fits perfectly with our new product offerings for the Web and Cloud-based deployments. Skeptical? Try out the online demos: http://www.stimulsoft.com/Products.aspx


We have successfully converted several thousand reports in a large Swiss project to Stimulsoft and the quality is simply outstanding. Our porting technology for Stimulsoft is currently being finalized and will be released soon.

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