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Thomas Althammer posted on May 01, 2012 05:17

Lets put some details around recent rumors: It is true - we are finalizing the work on PPJ Framework 2012 with some great new features and improvements! 
While we have ported just again a number of fascinating projects around the world as always with the "no single failure + all happy customers" guarantee, our engineers have been busy throughout recent months. 

We will deliver updated and state-of-the-art components from our long-term partner ComponentOne that has contributed the FlexGrid and the RibbonBar to our framework. An updated version of the well-received Skinning Engine will also be available including all rights to deploy these high-quality components to your customers.
Plus we are adding great UI stuff: we'll have a navigation bar control with a nice SAL interface for easy integration in existing projects and we'll support HTML rendering for labels and radio buttons.


HTML rendering available for PPJ Framework controls


Coming with PPJ Framework 2012 there is a new watermark option you can set for all your editable controls, including table cells and editable combo boxes. This watermark text shows up in many controls in todays applications to explain what to enter or to show a default text.


Watermark text is now available with PPJ Framework 2012


Stay tuned for updates on our progress. In our diaries we have pinned down a planned release date in just a few weeks. We'll then proudly present the next version of our world-proven framework technology that comes just as reliable and fast as in every previous version. It will be fully backwards compatible for all ported projects since day one. You shouldn't accept anything else.

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