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Gianluca Pivato posted on August 17, 2012 11:44

Gupta Technologies is now, again, Gupta Technologies.

After changing to Centura, then Gupta, then Halo, then Unify we are now back at the beginning. It is said that before going to heaven, old people become like kids again, at least in their minds. Is Unify/Gupta getting closer to heaven? We don’t know.
This is what we know: Unify has changed its business from development tools to corporate software when they changed to Daegis in July 2011. Since the acquisition, their shares value dropped a whopping -73.77% down to 0.94 cents (from $3.58 in February 2011) and it’s now a “penny stock”. The company lost $15.7 million dollars in the last quarter and saw their revenue decrease by $3.0 million dollars compared to the same quarter the previous year.
Finally, on August 1st 2012 and right before they changed the tools business name from Unify to Gupta, the Nasdaq Stock Market sent them a “Notice of Delisting.”
Given the steep drop in shareholder value and market value (the market cap is now $13.85M) and the current total debt of $21.25M maybe the new Gupta Technologies is up for sale, again?
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