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Gianluca Pivato posted on March 13, 2009 12:16

I returned few days ago from San Paulo, Brazil. We went there to meet with Unisystem, Gupta's exclusive distributor for Brasil until 2008, to talk to their CEO and sales people in anticipation to their entrance in the Gupta migration market.

Everyone warned me about San Paulo: it's dangerous, be careful, don't go out, and so on...

Well, I was surprised to find a wonderful and vibrant city. With great food, nice bars, and many young and dedicated professionals, and a lot of good local beer. I'll be back!

Unisystem, which is also the owner of www.guptabrasil.com.br, has an impressive knowledge of their market and most of the companies that are using Gupta in Brazil. They completed the first round of training from fecher and hit the ground running.

We will announce the first projects very soon!

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