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Free Evaluation Request
First Step
First Step

We make it as easy as possible.

Contact us to start the Free Evaluation process.


The Free Evaluation will provide you with an overview of potential problems, a ballpark cost and time estimate, and an opportunity to discuss all the various options that are available to you.


Our mission is to help organizations and developers using Gupta/Centura upgrade to Microsoft .NET and preserve all their software, reports and database.

Next Step
Next Step

Nothing is left to chance.

Before committing to any project, the Porting Partner will provide a detailed analysis on the entirety of your system. This is basically a first-pass conversion.


The outcome of the detailed analysis is a customized project proposal that is created to meet your schedule, your budget, and the involvement as well as training of your Gupta/Centura developers.


The only way to survive extintion is to join the evolution.


Our Mission

We help developers stay competitive and
organizations preserve and increase the value of their
software investment.

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