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PPJ Framework 2014 - What's New
PPJ Framework 2014 - What's New

See what's new in the PPJ Framework 2014!

The new release of the PPJ Framework consolidates many fixes and enhancements developed over the past two years and introduces the new PPJ Web Framework.


We now have two distict migration frameworks: PPJ WinForms and PPJ Web. The PPJ Web builds on the PPJ WinForms Core and is capable of running migrated applications entirely as rich HTML5 and Ajax systems.


Contact us for any additional information or questions about this release: support@iceteagroup.com


Speed Improvements and Bug Fixes

With more than 120 bug fixes and 53 enhancements, the PPJ WinForms 2014 is faster and more reliable than ever.


Thanks to the more than 3,000 Line of Business (LOB) applications using the PPJ WinForms and PPJ Web worldwide we are able to fix bugs quickly and to constantly improve the quality of the framework.

Latest Ribbon Control

The updated Ribbon control integrated in the PPJ WinForms 2014 adds contextual tabs, automatic spacing and more than 700 ready-to-use images.


The new Ribbon features extensive design-time support, including ComponentOne SmartDesigner® technology.


Latest FlexGrid

HTML rendering

We have updated the  ComponentOne FlexGrid control  that is embedded in our SalTableWindow component to the latest version.


The new build includes many bug fixes and enhancements, including speed improvements, and support for OpenXML for exporting/importing grid content.

Oracle Managed Data Provider

WatermarkThe new Oracle Managed Data Provider is now fully supported in the PPJ 2014,  including all PLSQL extended functions and array parameters.


At less than 2MB, the new data provider is a big improvements over the standard ODP/OCI driver.


Migration to HTML5 Applications

WatermarkNow any migrated application based on the PPJ WinForms can become a Web Application based on our new PPJ Web framework!


Visual Studio 2012/2013 + .NET 4.0/4.5

WatermarkThe PPJ Source Code projects and solutions are now distributed for Visual Studio 2012 (.NET 4.0) and 2013 (.NET 4.5).





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