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PPJ.Runtime.Scripting Namespace
Public classArgument
Public classArrayCreation
Array creation expression. It can also contain the array initialization.
Public classAs
As cast expression.
Public classAssignment
Assignment expression.
Public classAssignmentOfDifferentTypesException
Assignment of different types exception, thrown when a value is assigned to an incompatible type.
Public classASTNode
Base class for all Abstract Statement Tree nodes.
Public classBaseAccess
Base expression.
Public classBaseIndexerAccess
Summary description for BaseIndexerAcccess.
Public classBinary
Binary expression.
Public classBlock
Code block.
Public classBoolLit
Public classBreak
Break statement.
Public classCatch
Catch statement.
Public classCatchArgs
Arguments for the Catch statement.
Public classCharLit
Public classCheckedExpression
Checked expression.
Public classCheckedStatement
Checked statement.
Public classClassCast
Cast expression.
Public classComparisonOfDifferentTypesException
Comparison of different types exception, thrown when a value is compared to an incompatible type.
Public classComposedCast
Summary description for ComposedCast.
Public classCompoundAssignment
Compound assignment expression.
Public classConditional
Conditional expression.
Public classContinue
Continue statement.
Public classCType
CType expression.
Public classDecimalLit
Public classDo
Do statement.
Public classDoubleLit
Public classElementAccess
Array element access.
Public classEmptyStatement
Empty statement.
Public classExpression
Base class for all expression nodes.
Public classExpressionStatement
Expression statement.
Public classFloatLit
Public classFor
For statement.
Public classForeach
ForEach statement.
Public classGoto
Summary description for Goto.
Public classIf
If statement.
Public classInterpreterBase
Base class for the AST visitors.
Public classInterpreterException
Exception thrown by the interpreter.
Public classIntLit
Public classInvocation
Method invocation.
Public classIs
Is expression
Public classLabeledStatement
Label statement.
Public classLiteral
class for literal expressions
Public classLocalConstDecl
Constant declaration.
Public classLocalVarDecl
Local variable declaration.
Public classLocation
Location in the source code.
Public classLock
Lock statement.
Public classLongLit
Public classMemberAccess
Member access expression.
Public classNew
New expression.
Public classNullLit
Public classParenthesisExpr
Parenthesis expression.
Public classParserException
Exception thrown by the parser.
Public classReturn
Return statement.
Public classScriptEngine
Script interpreter.
Public classSimpleName
Variable reference expression.
Public classSizeOf
SizeOf expression.
Public classStatement
Base class for all Statement nodes.
Public classStringLit
Public classSwitch
Switch statement.
Public classSwitchCase
Case/Default statement.
Public classSwitchSection
Statements related to one or more case statement inside a switch block.
Public classThis
This expression.
Public classThrow
Throw statement.
Public classTry
Try statement.
Public classTypeOf
TypeOf expression.
Public classUIntLit
Public classULongLit
Public classUnary
Unary expressions.
Public classUnaryMutator
Unary operator (++, --) expression.
Public classUncheckedExpression
Unchecked expression.
Public classUncheckedStatement
Summary description for Unchecked.
Public classUndefinedSymbolException
Undefined symbol exception, thrown by the interpreter when it cannot resolve a symbol.
Public classUnsafe
Unsafe statement.
Public classUsingAlias
Using alias statement.
Public classUsingNamespace
Using name space statement.
Public classUsingStatement
Using expression statement.
Public classValueExpression
Evaluated expression.
Public classVariableDeclaration
Variable declaration.
Public classWhile
While statement.
Public interfaceIScriptParser
Parser default interface.
Public enumerationArgumentType
Type of argument.
Public enumerationBinaryOperator
Public enumerationGotoType
Types of goto statements.
Public enumerationUnaryMutatorOperator
Unary operators.
Public enumerationUnaryOperator
Unary operators.