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PPJ.Runtime.Vis Namespace
Public classVis
Contains all Vis.* static functions and constants.
Public classVisCalendar
Stand-alone Calendar
Public classVisCalendarDropDown
Date/time data field with drop-down Calendar
Public classVisColorComboBox
Extended ComboBox, supports colored items.
Public classVisColorListBox
Extended ListBox, supports colored items.
Public classVisColorPalette
Stand-alone color palette
Public classVisColorPaletteBase
base class for VisColorPalette
Public classVisColorPaletteBaseColorCollection
Colors collection.
Public classVisColorPaletteBasePaletteButton
Additional buttons in the color palette.
Public classVisColorPaletteBasePaletteButtonCollection
Collection of PaletteButtons.
Public classVisColorPaletteDropDown
Non-editable combo-box with drop-down color palette
Public classVisComboBoxBase
Base class for all extended combo box classes in Vis.
Public classVisDesktopListBox
Displays directory tree in a list box similar to Win95
Public classVisDirListBox
Displays collapsible list of directories in a list box.
Public classVisDirTreeListBox
Displays directory tree outline in a list box.
Public classVisDriveComboBox
Extended ComboBox, displays list of available drives.
Public classVisDriveListBox
Extended ListBox, displays list of available drives.
Public classVisDropDownBase
Base class for all custom drop down controls.
Public classVisFileListBox
Extended ListBox, displays the files list and file informations for a directory.
Public classVisFontComboBox
Extended ComboBox, supported different fonts for the items.
Public classVisFontListBox
Extended ListBox, supports items of different font.
Public classVisFontNameComboBox
Extended ComboBox, lists the names of all the installed fonts.
Public classVisFontNameListBox
Extended ListBox, lists the names of all the installed fonts.
Public classVisListBoxBase
Base class for all the extended list box classes in Vis.
Public classVisListBoxExtension
Common list box extension class
Public classVisListView
ListView control
Public classVisListViewDropDown
Combo box with drop down cListView
Public classVisMeter
Progress meter control.
Public classVisMsgBoxButton
Implementation for the dynamic buttons created using VT's MessageBox functions.
Public classVisOutlineComboBox
Combo box which supports hierarchical tree outlines.
Public classVisOutlineListBox
Public classVisPictureComboBox
Combo box with pictures.
Public classVisPictureListBox
List box with pictures.
Public classVisPoint
Describes Windows SDK POINT structure.
Public classVisPointArray
Dynamic array declaration.
Public classVisRadioListBox
Public classVisRect
Describes Windows SDK RECT structure.
Public classVisRectArray
Dynamic array declaration.
Public classVisRichEdit
Rich edit control
Public classVisSize
Describes Windows SDK SIZE structure.
Public classVisSizeArray
Dynamic array declaration.
Public classVisSpinField
Edit field with associated up/down scroll buttons.
Public classVisSplitter
Splitter control.
Public classVisSplitterWindow
Split window frame.
Public classVisTblEx
Public enumerationOrientation
Orientation of the splitter