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PPJ.Runtime.Windows Namespace
Public classC1RibbonBarEx
Empty extension class used to preload the embedded C1 license and suppress the creation of the license.licx file.
Public classSalActiveX
ActiveX implementation.
Public classSalApplication
Base class for SAL applications.
Public classSalBackgroundText
BackgroundText implementation.
Public classSalCheckBox
CheckBox implementation.
Public classSalComboBox
ComboBox implementation.
Public classSalContext
Synchronizes the Sys.hWndItem, Sys.hWndForm and Sys.hWndForm with the control handling the message.
Public classSalContextMenu
Implementation of contextual menu.
Public classSalCustomControl
CustomControl implementation.
Public classSalDataField
DataField implementation.
Public classSalDialogBox
Summary description for SalDialogBox.
Public classSalForm
Base class for Sal forms.
Public classSalFormClientArea
Replicates SAL form's client area when accessories are enabled.
Public classSalFormMainMenu
Same as MainMenu. It's declared simply for naming consistency.
Public classSalFormStatusBar
Status bar for all top level forms.
Public classSalFormTableWindow
Top level table window implementation.
Public classSalFormToolBar
Replicates Team Developer's fixed toolbar.
Public classSalFormWindow
Top level form window implementation.
Public classSalFrame
Frame control implementation.
Public classSalGeneralWindow
General Window class. This class simply holds a list of MessageActions handlers.
Public classSalGroupBox
GroupBox implementation.
Public classSalGroupSeparator
Public classSalHorizontalScrollBar
Horizontal scrollbar implementation.
This derived class adjusts the Maximum property by adding LargeChange to allow the scroll thumb to reach the end of the range. See
Public classSalLine
Line control implementation.
Public classSalListBox
ListBox implementation.
Public classSalMDIWindow
Top level MDI window implementation.
Public classSalMenuColumn
Public classSalMenuItem
Implementation of SalMenuItem. Extends the default MenuItem in .NET to support SAL menu events and to support fonts and images.
Public classSalMenuRow
Public classSalMenuSeparator
Summary description for SalMenuSeparator.
Public classSalMultilineField
MultilineField implementation.
Public classSalNamedProperties
Collection of named properties for SAL controls. Keeps two hash maps in order to preserve the case of the original keys when serializing and deserializing but to be case-insensitive when searching or adding properties.
Public classSalNavigationBar
Navigation Bar control (TD 6)
Public classSalOptionButton
Implementation of the OptionButton control.
Public classSalPicture
Picture implementation.
Public classSalPopupMenu
Implementation for Popup menu items.
Public classSalPushbutton
Pushbutton implementation.
Public classSalRadioButton
RadioButton implementation.
Public classSalRibbonBarBase
Base class for all RibbonBar forms.
Public classSalRibbonBarForm
Top level form with ribbon.
Public classSalRibbonBarMDI
Top level MDI form with ribbon.
Public classSalRibbonStatusBar
Status bar for all top level forms with the ribbon.
Public classSalTableColumn
Summary description for SalTableColumn.
Public classSalTableColumnCellCheckBox
Contains the values defined for CheckBox columns.
Public classSalTableColumnCellComboBox
Contains the combo box control to use in the cell. Each combo box column has it's own ComboBox control.
Public classSalTableColumnCellPopupBox
Contains the values defined for PopupEdit columns.
Public classSalTableColumnCollection
Contains a collection of all the columns in a SalFormTableWindow form or SalTableWindow control.
Public classSalTableRow
Encapsulates SAL's properties for table window rows. Each FlexGrid row object is bound to an instance of this class.
Public classSalTableRowCollection
Collection of all the rows in the SalTableWindow control.
Public classSalTableWindow
Table Window Control
Public classSalTableWindowBase
Table Window Implementation
Public classSalUserControl
UserControl adapted to support the PPJ Framework.
Public classSalVerticalScrollBar
VerticalScrollBar implementation.
This derived class adjusts the Maximum property by adding LargeChange to allow the scroll thumb to reach the end of the range. See
Public classSalWindow
Delegate class for Sal windows functionality. Since we cannot inherit from .NET controls and from our class we need to implement all common functionality here and then delegate calls using method wrappers.
Public classSalWindowReferenceInfo
Wraps a reference to any object in the application. It's used by FindMember to return an unqualified dynamic reference to an object.
Public classSalWindowsMenu
Implementation of Windows Menu
Public classTabbedMdiManager
Implementation of the TabbedMDI interface.
Public classTabbedMdiManagerDefaultRenderer
Default renderer. Draws VisualStudio like tabs.
Public classTabbedMdiManagerFlatRendeder
Flat tabs renderer. Draws flat looking tabs.
Public classTabbedMdiManagerHitTestInfo
Hit test return value.
Public classTabbedMdiManagerPage
Wraps MdiChild forms into pages in the tabbed control.
Public classTabbedMdiManagerRendererBase
Base class for the renderers.
Public classWindowActionsEventArgs
Arguments for the WindowActionsEvent.
Public structureSalMessage Obsolete.
SalMessage is passed to the message actions handler and virtual functions. It wraps the message code and the messages parameters. It is automatically cast to int and can be used as is in the switch statement.
Public interfaceISalAccessory
Accessories controls (toolbar, status bar and client area) implement this interface.
Public interfaceISalMenu
All Sal menu types implement this interface. It is used to let the framework query for common properties like the StatusText.
Public interfaceISalWindow
All Sal windows (Child windows, Forms, Dialogs and MDIs) implement this interface.
Public delegateSalMenuActionsHandler
Delegate handler for the MenuActions event raised by SAL menu items.
Public delegateSalMenuCheckedWhenHandler
Delegate handler for the MenuCheckedWhen event raised by SAL menu items.
Public delegateSalMenuEnabledWhenHandler
Delegate handler for the MenuEnabledWhen event raised by SAL menu items.
Public delegateSalMessageHandler Obsolete.
Delegate handler for the MessageActions event raised by SAL controls.
Public delegateSalTableWindowGetMergedRangeDelegate
Public delegateWindowActionsEventHandler
Delegate handler for the MessageActions event raised by SAL controls.
Public enumerationAccessoryType
Indicates the type of accessory.
Public enumerationBorderStyle
Border styles for the SalFrame control.
Public enumerationCellType
Cell types for SalTableColumn
Public enumerationDataType
Data typed for the SalDataField and SalTableColumn controls.
Public enumerationFocusRowStyle
Defines the style of the focus frame to draw around the active row in the table window control.
Public enumerationImageStorage
Storage options for the SalPicture control.
Public enumerationLineStyle
Line styles for the SalLine control.
Public enumerationLineType
Line types for the SalLine control.
Public enumerationOptionButtonStyle
Types of option buttons. Radio = Radio button Check = Check button Palette = Radio button without focus
Public enumerationRowsSizingStyle
Defines how to resize rows in the main and split grids in the SalTableWindow control.
Protected enumerationSalTableWindowBaseChangeCellAction
Types of actions that can change the current cell.
Public enumerationTabbedMdiManagerCloseButtonShowStyle
Styles uses to draw the close button.
Public enumerationTabbedMdiManagerHitTestLocation
Hit test locations.