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PPJ.Runtime.Windows.NavBar.Common Namespace
Public classChildCollectionEventArgs
This class contains additional info about an add or remove operation For more information see ChildControlCollection
Public classCode exampleChildControlCollection
The basic collection class with events which notifies when new items have been added or removed
Public classPopupCancelEventArgs
Arguments to a PopupCancelEvent. Provides a reference to the popup form that is to be closed and allows the operation to be canceled.
Public classPopupClosedEventArgs
Contains event information for a PopupClosed event.
Public interfaceIObservable
Represents an object which can be observed by IObserver objects.
Public interfaceIObserver
Represents an object which can observe other IObservable objects
Public delegateCollectionEventHandler
Public delegatePopupCancelEventHandler
Represents the method which responds to a PopupCancel event.
Public delegatePopupClosedEventHandler
Represents the method which responds to a PopupClosed event.