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PPJ.Runtime.Windows.Spell Namespace
Public classCode exampleSpellChecker
Spell checker and highlighter engine. Uses the hunspell DLLs to load standard hunspell dictionaries and draws the underline marker in any control derived from TextBoxBase, ComboBox, or ISalEditControl.
This class is capable of spelling and highlighting errors is TextBox, ComboBox, RichEdit, SalDataField, SalMultilineField, and SalTableColum (when in edit mode). Dictionaries are usually loaded from two files: .aff and .dic files. The dictionary files must be present in the same directory of the application being executed. In alternative, dictionaries can also be loaded from embedded resources or any other storage type using SpellChecker.LoadDictionary() methods. To download additional dictionaries go here: Download the file for the language you need, change the extension from OXT to ZIP, from the zip archive extract the two .aff and .dic files. Make sure that the name follows the standard [lang]-[COUNTRY].
To enable spell checking in a control, use: SpellChecker sc = new SpellChecker(this.textBox1); To use dictionaries directly, use: SpellChecker.Dictionary dict = SpellChecker.GetDictionary("en-US"); boolcorrectWord = dict.Spell("Hello");
Public classSpellCheckerDictionary
Provides a publicly usable instance of Hunspell with a preloaded dictionary.
Public classSpellCheckerEventArgs
Args for SpellChecker events.
Public delegateSpellCheckerEventHandler
Event handler for all SpellChecker events.
Public enumerationSpellCheckerLineStyle
Spell Checker line style.