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Project Structure

The new .NET project generated by Ice Porter is organized in few folders separating functional classes, visual classes, form templates, globals and resources. In the screen shot below you can see the project folders in the project explorer:

clip 0001

At the root level there are the application class (App.cs or Application.vb) with the Main entry point, the application icon, the default AssemblyInfo file with the version information, the default sql.config file with the sample drivers, and the configuration file for the assembly (App.config).


The configuration file App.config is used by the .NET runtime to locate assemblies, but it can also be used by the application to store/read application specific settings. This file is very important and its usage should be understood in detail. See Advanced Basics and How to configure a C# application. The most important feature of this file is the assembly version mapping, which should be used to redirect the Crystal Report runtime version and the Oracle driver version (if used).


In this folder you can find all the functional classes and general window classes. See Classes.


Here you can find all the visual classes. See Classes.


The form and dialog templates are all ported into this folder. See Forms.


The global containers are in this folder. See Global Items.


All the resources used by the application are copied in the /res folder and linked into the final assembly as embedded resources.