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Ribbon Bar

Starting from the PPJ Framework 2009 release we have added a state-of-the-art Ribbon Bar component from Component One. The Ribbon has been fully integrated in the PPJ Framework and can be added to existing regular Forms and MDI Forms.

However, using the Ribbon from the developers perspective requires more than simply using the SalRibbonBar classes in the PPJ Framework. The Ribbon is a complex component with many features and is not a mere replacement of the window's menu.

The RibbonBar component that we have licensed includes an advanced visual designer that allows you to fully design your ribbon to any level of complexity.

Using the Ribbon

There are two ways to use the integrated Ribbon control with the migrated applications. One is to change the base class of the applications' forms, the second is to create a new Ribbon form and embed the existing forms in the client area of the new ribbon form.

See Using the Ribbon for details about the specific class names to use and how to use them.

Ribbon Designer

The Ribbon Bar component that is included in the PPJ Framework release comes with a built-in powerful designer. Using the ribbon designer you can create and personalize complex ribbon controls with very little limitations.

Any form derived from SalRibbon classes is immediately enabled to be deigned using the ribbon designer. See Ribbon Designer.

Ribbon Bar and Skinning

Microsoft guidelines for the Ribbon Bar allow for 3 themes: Office 2007 Blue, Office 2007 Black and Office 2007 Silver. We have added the three Office 2007 skins as embedded resources in the PPJ Framework in order to skin all the controls in the forms that are "ribbon enabled".

When the skin of the Ribbon Bar is changed, the PPJ Framework selects and applies the corresponding skin to the form.