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PPJ.Runtime.Sql Namespace
Public classSalSqlBindVariables
Manages bind variables.
This is an internal class and it's subject to change without notice.
Public classSalSqlBindVariablesBindVar
Encapsulates a single bind variable.
Public classSalSqlError
Summary description for SalSqlError.
Public classSalSqlHandleArray Obsolete.
Dynamic array class for the SalSqlHandle type.
Public classSalSqlSessionHandleArray Obsolete.
Dynamic array class for the SalSqlSessionHandle type.
Public classSql
Summary description for Sql.
Public classSqlContext
Defines a sql context block. This class is used in a using(new SqlContext()) code block to delimit a local context. The constructor can take the reference to the local variables encapsulating class and to the current object. Both references are used by the interpreter to evaluate bind variables.
Public classSqlOra
Oracle specific functions implementation.
Public classSqlParser
Parser class, used to extract the into variables and the bind variables from sql statements.
Public classSqlProperties
Contains the connection properties for the database. It is loaded from sql.config.
Public classWhenSqlError
This class is use to enclose a When SqlError block in a using(new WhenSqlError()) block. On entering the block a counter is increased, when exiting the block the counter is decreased. When the counter is zero and a sql error occurs, the Sql implementation will try to use the global error handler. If the counter is non-zero the implementation does not call the global handler. If this is block omitted, the implementation will alway try to call the global Sql Error handler. If the global handler is not defined, the behavior of the application is unaltered.
Public structureSalSqlHandle
Summary description for SalSqlHandle.
Public structureSalSqlSessionHandle
Summary description for SalSqlSessionHandle.
Public delegateWhenSqlErrorHandler
WhenSqlError handler.
Public delegateWhenSqlSessionErrorHandler
WhenSqlSessionError handler.
Public enumerationResultSetMode
ResultSet behavior.