Our Mission

Increase the value of enterprise software assets by providing modernization paths throughout technology changes.


  • The entire project was an absolute success. In the new Centricity Carddas version we were able to very easily integrate a solution for presenting statistics in graphic form. The interfaces generated with skinning are also much more consistent than they were with Gupta. […] Since the code was approved, we have been able to implement significant architecture improvements.

    Program Manager, GE Healthcare IT
  • The new architecture is a good compromise between having native C# code and preserving all our business logic and complex GUI that was built over many years. Our SAL developers found their way around the new code easily and embraced the new .NET architectur at the same time. Working with the new .NET projects is a win-win situation and, knowing the kind of problems we found after the conversion, the only feasible approach to automated porting.

    Enterprise IT Architect, Skanska Sweden AB
  • Without the automated migration to .NET we wouldn’t have got this far. And yet our effort has been hardly higher than for an upgrade of a Team Developer version to the newest release.

    Head of Development, Imtech ICT
  • We have decided in favor of automated conversion in order to get a known application to run in a modern environment. Out goal was to reduce cost and migration time while increasing the chances of success. All porting results delivered have a clean structure and are very highly regarded by our SQLWindows developers. Mostly there is none to very little after-work required.

    Manager, Metzler IT-Services GmbH

We migrate your Gupta Team Developer Applications and Reports to Visual Studio .NET Desktop or Web Solutions.

We convert all of your VB6 code to C# or VB.NET Desktop or Web Applications.

We modernize your WinForms Applications into modern Real Time Web Systems.

We provide the tools to build enterprise-scale Line of Business Web Applications.

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