Current Issues


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Recently opened and closed bugs. Limited to 30.
closedWeb#2170 A VisOutlineBox with VirtualScroll = true fails to load4.7.79
closedWeb#2167 Fixed Column Header Autoresize and implemented column resizing.4.7.27
closedFramework#2165 Inserting rows into a TableWindow filled with TBL_FillNormal can lead to missing rows4.7.16
closedFramework#2161 When Skinning is used, the Main menu is not shown.4.6.549
closedWeb#2160 When populating a TableWindow using TBL_FillAllBackground it may not send SAM_FetchDone when scrolling to bottom or when rows are preloaded.4.7.16
closedWeb#2159 SAM_RowValidate is fired when the form is deactivated, it shouldn't or it may cause a loop when the SAM_RowValidate shows a dialog.4.7.16
openWeb#2157 The column visibility menu should not show by default
closedFramework#2156 SalContext.GetModule() may fire a "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute" exception.4.6.493
closedWeb#2155 SAM_Close is fired when disposing embedded forms.4.7.16
closedWeb#2154 A dialog opened using ShowDialogAsync or Sal.ModalDialogAsync cannot be closed using EndDialog.4.7.16
closedWeb#2152 SalOptionButton with ImageSource doesn't show the image.4.6.393
closedFramework#2151 SalTableWindow changes the context row when losing the focus to match the focused row.4.6.393
openFramework#2150 Using Sybase last error number and message are not set
closedFramework#2149 Titlebars and Menues are not correctly displayed if skinning is enabled without Aero4.6.358
closedFramework#2146 PPJ designer status bar is not showing the correct Form size if it contains a MainMenu4.6.493
closedFramework#2145 Forms opened in the designer with a skin different than System grow the Size.4.6.493
closedFramework#2143 Adding tab page in a SalQuickTabs control at design time sets the name to just a number instead of using a control name.4.6.393
closedFramework#2142 Adding a control to a TabPage that is visible in a SalQuickTabs that is already created fails to paint the background of the control until the page is re-selected.4.6.358
closedFramework#2141 Context menu is not working as expected when right clicking in a DGV popupedit cell4.6.340
closedFramework#2140 A minimized List&Labels preview window cannot be restored4.6.340
closedFramework#2139 Assigning a SalDataField of type SalString to a string in SCAE causes a type cast exception.4.6.340
closedFramework#2138 VT and DDE assembly are flagged as trial versions.4.6.393
closedWeb#2137 PPJWEB-9163 Adding SalTableColumn may generate a "widget not found" client error.
closedWeb#2136 PPJWEB-7850 Sal.CenterWindow centers to the screen, not the browser.
closedWeb#2135 PPJWEB-7848 Menu accelerators (mnemonics) are not working
closedWeb#2134 PPJWEB-7845 SalFormMainMenu is not visible by default
closedWeb#2132 PPJWEB-7843 PasswordChar property does not work for SalDataField
closedWeb#2130 PPJWEB-6020 ConvertValue is missing DT_String implementation
closedWeb#2129 PPJWEB-5932 ResetTable does not reset split grid rows
closedWeb#2128 PPJWEB-5931 DefaultRowHeight is not implemented


Recently opened and closed enhancements. Limited to 30.
closedWeb#2169 Added SalTableColumn.AutoEllipsis for the Sys.COL_IndicateOverflow flag.4.7.36
closedWeb#2168 Added support for Vis.GetKeyState().4.7.36
closedFramework#2166 Added VisCalendarDropDown.DateTime property4.7.16
openFramework#2164 Enhance Sort Order for Excel Filter list based on DataType of the Column
openFramework#2163 Add support for the ANSI SQL "WITH" Clause
closedWeb#2133 PPJWEB-7844 Add support for CharacterCasing to SalDataField
closedFramework#2116 PPJ-9118 Allow properties using PPJ types to serialize in InitializeComponent.
closedFramework#2114 PPJ-8851 Add additional checks to avoid designer errors mostly caused by VS cache4.6.302
closedFramework#2105 PPJ-8494 Preserve the string copied with Sal.EditCopyString after the application closes.4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2103 PPJ-8411 Declare several methods of SalArray as virtual to enable overriding them4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2102 PPJ-8410 Improve locking in SalSqlConnection to better support Oracle multithreading4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2101 PPJ-8367 Make PPJ serialization compatible to .NET deserialization4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2097 PPJ-8089 Add IList<> implementation to SalArray4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2096 PPJ-8079 Check for Command == null when trying to access hSql.DataSet or hSql.DataReader4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2093 PPJ-8018 Avoid closing of PopupEdit of a col when cursor key up/down is used on first/last line4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2092 PPJ-8017 Avoid exception if FindControl does not find the control4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2088 PPJ-7931 Change SalForm.ShowAsChild to run indepent from Styler dll4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2080 PPJ-7718 Store SqlDatabase/SqlUser/SqlPassword for each SqlHandle4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2077 PPJ-7661 Implement SalQuickFTP.FindFirstFile4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2075 PPJ-7607 Support LBS_ShowNoSelect in Vis Listboxes4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2072 PPJ-7581 Improve performance for Sal.TblSetFlagsAnyRows4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2071 PPJ-7547 Expose "inner" DataReader provider4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2068 PPJ-7530 Show icon of selected item in cOutlineComboBox4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2067 PPJ-7529 Show DropDown when user clicks on text area of a cOutlineComboBox4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2062 PPJ-7524 Avoid NullReferenceException when trying to Create a split grid on a disposed grid4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2048 PPJ-7186 Add new overloads for SalArray.Sort4.0.1056.941
closedFramework#2045 PPJ-7174 Improve DB type mapping for Oracle4.0.1056.941
closedFramework#2037 PPJ-7122 Expose windows scroll event for SalTableWindows4.0.1056.941
closedFramework#2031 PPJ-7101 Declare Sal Table Row functions as virtual to make them overridable for custom implementations
closedFramework#2022 PPJ-7059 Automatically set App.SkinApplication = true when a skin file is loaded.4.0.1056.786

New Features

Recently added and closed new features. Limited to 30.
openFramework#2148 Support for .NET Core 3.0PPJ 2019
closedWeb#2131 PPJWEB-6132 Implement lazy loading for tree view items
closedFramework#2107 PPJ-8619 List & Label: Add support for List & Label version 234.6.243
closedFramework#2104 PPJ-8424 List & Label: Implement RPT_CmdPrinterSetup and optimize RPT_CmdPrinter4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2100 PPJ-8242 List & Label: Add support for List & Label version 20-224.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2098 PPJ-8160 Crystal Reports: Export to csv missing4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2076 PPJ-7608 Add VirtualMode for table windows4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2070 PPJ-7533 New property useStateImageList for outline list boxes4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2064 PPJ-7526 Add support for XSalHotspot functionality4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2061 PPJ-7400 New property AllowDraggingLockedColumns for table windows4.5.1058.1 (2017)
closedFramework#2046 PPJ-7184 Display NUMBER_Null in debugger for SalNumber instead of 04.0.1056.941
closedFramework#2042 PPJ-7162 List & Label: Added functions DomOpen, DomSave, DomClose to expose the Document Object Model4.0.1056.941
closedFramework#2040 PPJ-7141 Add Sal.TblCreateFromClass function4.0.1056.941
closedFramework#2035 PPJ-7106 Add option in app.config to load skin from a separate assembly4.0.1056.941
closedFramework#2030 PPJ-7091 Improve SCAE to avoid assignment of different types errors4.0.1056.941
closedFramework#2026 PPJ-7070 Add option to manually set into variables to avoid automatic parsing4.0.1056.786
closedFramework#2017 PPJ-7029 Added new properties UserAgent and BrowserEmulation to SalQuickHTML4.0.1056.786
closedFramework#2015 PPJ-7027 Add new property ImageSize for VisOutlineListBox4.0.1056.786
closedFramework#2002 PPJ-6950 Added new skins for Office 2010 look4.0.1056.786
closedFramework#1998 PPJ-6939 Add ISalControl support to SalBackgroundText to let labels be used in sql binding.4.0.1056.786
closedFramework#1984 PPJ-6835 New setting Scripting.Env.Strict to enforce type safety with SalCompileAndEvaluate4.0.1056.615 (2014)
closedFramework#1979 PPJ-6811 New static property DateTime.TreatMinValueAsNull4.0.1054.3132 (2012)
closedFramework#1978 PPJ-6810 New option null_minvalue_dates for sql.config4.0.1054.3132 (2012)
closedFramework#1969 PPJ-6752 New property AutocloseReaders4.0.1054.3132 (2012)
closedFramework#1959 PPJ-6679 When multiple inheritance is used Sal.GetFirstChild can fail4.0.1054.3132 (2012)
closedFramework#1950 PPJ-6591 Add support for Oracle Managed Provider4.0.1056.615 (2014)
closedFramework#1930 PPJ-6527 List & Label: Added support for List & Label 194.0.1054.2687
closedFramework#1919 PPJ-6334 Reporting Services: Switched to support ReportViewer 11 (included in VS2012)4.0.1054.2255
closedFramework#1893 PPJ-6145 Add option to specify locale to be used by application4.0.1054.2255
closedFramework#1878 PPJ-6072 Add Type_TabBar constant4.0.1054.2255


Recently added and closed new items in the product roadmap.
openFramework#2148 Support for .NET Core 3.0PPJ 2019