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PPJ.Runtime.XSal Namespace
Public classXSal
XSal functions.
Public classXSalFlatButton
Public classXSalHSplitter
Public classXSalHSplitterInvisible
Public classXSalScript
Implementation of XSalScript
Public classXSalSeparator
Public classXSalSeparatorDoubleRaised
Public classXSalSeparatorEtched
Public classXSalSeparatorInvisible
Public classXSalSeparatorSingleRaised
Public classXSalSplitter
Public classXSalToolbar
XSal Toolbar panel. One instance of this class is created for each of the four dockable sides of the form: top, left, right, bottom.
Public classXSalToolbox
Public classXSalTransparentText
Public classXSalVSplitter
Public classXSalVSplitterInvisible