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SkinSoft.VisualStyler Namespace
Public classVisualStyler

The VisualStyler component enables developers to completely skin windows forms applications using any Microsoft Visual Style. Your application forms and controls are automatically skinned on both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms from Windows 2000 to Windows Vista. The component has comprehensive Visual Studio design-time integration and the built-in smart tag designers enable you to browse, preview and import any number of visual styles without having writing a single of code.

In order to skin your application you only need to drop this component onto the main form or first visible form of your application. Using the properties available on the VisualStyler component, you can determine which Visual Style to use, what forms and controls should be skinned and whether to apply translucent shadows to your forms.

At design-time the VisualStyle property selects the visual style, this is automatically imported and then embedded into your application as a resource. Use the TargetControls property to determine what forms or controls you wish to have the skin applied.

The default SkinMode automatically skins all application forms and controls, you can further customize this behavior by setting the form or controls Tag property to either the GlobalExcludeTag to unskin the control or the GlobalIncludeTag to always skin the form or control.

Use the ShadowStyle property to set the visibility and appearance of all form shadows. Use the ToolStripStyle property to select the appearance of all application ToolStrip controls.

Public enumerationShadowStyle
Specifies a shadow style applied to forms
Public enumerationSkinMode
Specifies how the application is skinned.
Public enumerationTargetControls
Specifies what forms and controls are skinned
Public enumerationToolStripRenderStyle
Specifies how ToolStrip controls are rendered.