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Configuration Tool

Applications based on .NET and the PPJ Framework have many new features and a lot of new possibilities that were unthinkable of in the old Team Developer world. Many of these new features can be configured using the standard App.config file (which is compiled into the standard [application-name].exe.config) and in the sql.config file that is used by the PPJ Framework to load data sources (this file replaces the old sql.ini).

However, adding or editing options to XML files can be confusing and time consuming to make sure everything is typed correctly, all the options are filled properly, and so on. For this reason we have added a new complete and easy-to-use Application Configuration Tool. Using this tool, developers can fine tune and configure many of the new exciting features supported by their new .NET applications.

The configuration tool (see image below) includes four panels to configure the areas listed below:

The Configuration Tool can be used both on a Visual Studio Solution (when installed with the PPJ Integration package) while working on the project, or after the application has been compiled.