Why should I migrate to .NET?

Microsoft .NET is a widely supported development platform with millions of developers.
  1. Strong industry support (very important if you sell software)
  2. Widely supported development platform with millions of developers
  3. Broad market with new opportunities, more potential customers, etc.
  4. Technology evolves quickly, Microsoft .NET will always be up to date
  5. Solid implementations of all major development standards
  6. Better employment opportunities
  7. There is virtually no good reason for staying with an outdated technology

What kind of code will you give me?

Clean, Refactored, Object-Oriented code. Gupta developers are productive immediately and the code is highly maintainable and well structured. It looks like this:


Call SalTblPopulate(tblClients, hSql, “SELECT * FROM CUSTOMERS WHERE
CITY = :strCity”, TBL_FillAll)

C# or VB.NET

tblClients.Populate(hSql, “SELECT * FROM CUSTOMERS WHERE
CITY = :strCity”
, Sys.TBL_FillAll);

What about ActiveX and third party libraries?

We support all ActiveX controls, all Windows controls, DDE, and all Windows custom controls.

We have already converted most third party libraries to .NET:

  1. XSal2
  2. Building Blocks
  3. Visual Toolchest
  4. M!Table
  5. ClassIQ
  6. ThisWAY

Is it expensive?

No. It's cheaper, faster and safer than migrating to the latest Team Developer. Our solution has no hidden or long-running costs.

We have already converted to .NET many SAL applications of any size and complexity and all of our projects have been successful and completed within time and budget. While each project is different, in general we can save up to 90% of the time and cost of any alternative.

Do you migrate SQLBase?

Yes. We have tools and methods to convert SQLBase schema, data and stored procedures to Microsoft Sql Server or Oracle.

Do you migrate reports?

Yes. We convert Report Builder reports to:
  1. Crystal Reports .NET
  2. Microsoft Reporting Services
  3. Combit List & Labels
  4. Stimulsoft Report.NET

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